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459 South Ave

Rochester NY  14620


Phone: (585) 210-9779

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The Blue Star Mothers of America is a Congressionally-chartered, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization formed for the purpose of supporting America’s military, veterans, and their families, and to foster patriotism.  The Rochester, New York Blue Star Mothers Chapter 8 was founded on April 16, 2011.

The thoughts of the Blue Star Mothers are with their children every day, no matter where they serve. They join together to give support to each other and to all of those serving in the military. Blue Star Mothers are there when their sons or daughters head overseas to combat, share fears, tears, joys and hopes while their children are serving, and finally, they are there to rejoice and shower them with love when they return home safely. Blue Star Mothers are a source of support and strength for the tough times, including when a love one returns home injured.

President - Amy VanDerwerken
1st Vice President - Jill Harris
2nd Vice President - Rochelle Hoffmeister

3rd Vice President - Mary Anne Zani
Recording Secretary - Vera Mae Rudd Young
Financial Secretary - Lara Whitney
Treasurer - Linda Lynch

Chaplain - Mary Anne Zani &  Pat Witt

Corresponding Secretary - Robin Herrold

Historian - 

Patriotic Instructor -  

Sunshine Coordinator - Jeanne Ristau 

Sargeant At Arms - Christine LIttlefield

VAVS Rep. - Chloe Alexander

 I am the mother of a United States Service Member.  
My child gave me this title.
 I will give him a heart full of wonder at his accomplishments and a voice that  praises his desire to serve.
 I will place my faith in his military training and in God’s protection
I will give him the prayers that  will follow him where I cannot.
I will be strong when I want to cry and  brave when I want to cower.
He will know that I am behind him every step of the way.
Because I bear the title of Mother of a United States Service Member.

Rochester NY8 Officers

I Am A Blue Star Mother